May 14 2011 Taste of Mount Vernon Triangle

16 May

So this is my review of the second inaugural taste of my neighborhood; the Taste of Mount Vernon Triangle.

Mandu – Offered a selection of a handful or so of tasty dumplings in the bar area. Very friendly staff.  I didn’t take a picture only because I ate them all so quickly : )

Kushi – So I was dissapointed that Kushi did the same thing as last year – pre-wrapped plum or pork in rice and seaweed. They taste fine, but it’s not at all representative of the quality or diversity of their food. And it’s a bit of a cold atmosphere to come in, as you just pick it up and leave. Very different than the fabulous food and boisterous atmosphere you find normally there.

Busboys and Poets – didn’t participate this year. Last year, they served a pink lemonade.

Taylor Gourmet – Offered a choice of half of an italian, turkey, or portabello mushroom sandwich.  Tasty, as always.  Below is the sandwich (plus cheese from Subway, referenced below).

Subway Liquor – Offered a tasting of one chardonnay (which they offered at a discount for 8 bucks and we enjoyed later on that night), and a selection of cheeses and marinated mushrooms. I’d never been there before given Tunnel is closer to me. They have a good selection of inexpensive wines, as well as the usuals, beer, liquor, etc. I noticed they had jugs of Manishevitz; good to know.

Henry’s Soul Cafe – I think Henry’s is great, but they were unfortunately out of sweet potato pies when we got there around 4 pm.

Papa John’s – When we got there late last year they let us take a remaining box of pizza home, this year we were there earlier so picked up a veggie slice and a meatball slice.

Buddha Bar – Didn’t participate this year, unfortunately. Last year, they were a class act offering sushi and martinis.

Tunnel Liquor – Offered a beer tasting of shock top amber and raspberry.

Overall, I enjoy exploring my neighborhood (and getting to meet others in my neighborhood doing the same thing). But no one beat Buddha Bar’s sushi and martinis this year (and they, disappointingly, didn’t participate this time), and I wish Kushi would do something worthy of themselves, as their food is fantastic, or just not participate, because it’s hard to convince people I know to go there and drop that type of money on food when that rice wrap is the only thing they’ve had there.  Mandu was great and Subway stepped up to get neighbors to show up.


One Response to “May 14 2011 Taste of Mount Vernon Triangle”

  1. citygirldc May 16, 2011 at 5:02 am #

    I went last year and totally agree with you about Kushi and Buddha Bar. Not sure why Kushi even bothers to participate and it’s probably a good thing Busboys didn’t if all they can do is lemonade. Even though I don’t go to Buddha Bar, I definitely have a good image of them because of how well they represented last year.

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